Sit Down Series – 2

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Hacking
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Hi Readers.

Below we have jotted down a few etiquettes of a Hacker and his/her Victim. Hope this helps you if you are/were one among them.

Etiquettes – Victim

  1. It is okay to panic, even hackers get hacked. It can be a learning experience.
  2. Be normal.
  3. Change the password from own/other system.
  4. Clear the temp [TEMP, %TEMP%] folder.
  5. Restart the system.
  6. Report the issue.
  7. Post your queries at forums find related issues and may be you will find a solution [temporary/permanent].
  8. Check your task manager, test your firewall for suspicious/malicious program and terminate them.
  9. Save the records of the attack, to investigate or report the incident.
  10. Sign off from all logged in sessions.
  11. Try to remember your last login activity.
  12. Have you saved your password on other system?
  13. Did your hacker friend plant this attack?
  14. Have you shared your password with anyone?
  15. Safeguard your other accounts [bank/other] that are linked to the compromised account.
  16. Let your community know that your account has been compromised.
  17. Find measures to safeguard your account.
  18. Write about it, spread the awareness.
  19. Importantly check if it‘s a spoof or a real attack.
  20. Remember humans are the weakest link.

Etiquettes – Hacker

  1. Acquire necessary permission to plant any attack.
  2. Obtain grants, permissions, rights for every action of yours.
  3. Watch every step of yours [must be retrace-able].
  4. Use the rights ethically.
  5. Own responsibility for your actions.

Secure your machine first.

  1. Use Proxy IP addresses.
  2. Create a backdoor which helps you to plant your next attack.
  3. Be anonymous.
  4. Clear the last login activity if you are using the victim’s system to hack his/her own account.
  5. Build layers of security to prevent easy trace backing.
  6. Spoof the Media Access Control address.
  7. Use public cyber space to plant your attack, if you are an amateur 😛
  8. Erase your tracks.( Don’t delete entire logfiles, instead, just remove only the incriminating entries from the file. )

Hackers misusing this information may be a local and/or federal criminal act (crime). This article is intended to be informational and should only be used for ethical and not illegal purposes.

We web security enthusiasts (Santhosh Tuppad, Jyothi R and I) got together to learn and share about Computer and Web Security.

Black and white hat hackers have their own set of ethics. What does your list look like, do share.

Happy reading!
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