Are you a mobile enthusiast?
Wanna explore about mobile OS?
Curious to learn about mobile application security?

And most importantly, do not know how and what to start with?
Then you are at the right place! This is the one-stop shop for all the above queries.

We are starting with a new blog series that would be a user manual for anyone who is interested to start mobile hacking. This will be a detailed series which is easy-to-understand by the beginners. It would include basic concepts like android architecture, underlying OS, platform tools etc.

We would go through OWASP top 10 mobile app security attacks. For better understanding and to get hands-on the subject we will also give step-by-step explanation of these attacks with available sample applications that would be engaging and easy-to-implement.

Furthermore, we would take couple of sample applications which are intentionally built to get hacked like Diva, GoatDroid, HackMe, InsecureBank, Sieve and much more with various tools. Along with this, security issues found in day-to-day applications and interesting issues of public disclosures on mobile applications will also be discussed.

This blog is for each curious person next door who is willing to start his/her career in Mobile security.

Stay tuned for everything and anything related to mobile application hacking.