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What is hacking?? What is hack?? Who is hacker?

The main intention of this blog is to educate people about hacking. Most of the people I have met have a different and confusing meaning of hacking. The most common answer which I heard was “getting password of a different user i.e. unauthorized access or stealing money from others account”.

This perception on hacking is because of lack of information or what people have heard. Similar situation appeared in one of the talks on Information Security which was held at one of the famous engineering college in Bangalore by Santhosh Tuppad who is a security specialist and my Guru. Students showed a great interest as the talk was regarding hacking/security, but initially when they were asked, what hacking is, the answers were again the same old. This inspired me to write this blog, so that it helps in understanding more on hacking.

The term Hacker was first introduced in 1960’s and was used to describe a programmer or someone who hacked out computer code. Later the term evolved to an individual who had an advanced understanding of computers, networking, programming, or hardware, but did not have any malicious intents.

Hacking is a practice of altering or modifying the features of a system or an application, in order to accomplish a goal outside the creator’s original design or aim. The person who is consistently engaging in hacking activities, and has accepted hacking as a lifestyle and philosophy of their choice, is called a hacker.

Recently, Computer hacking is the most popular form of  hacking , mainly in the field of Information Security, but hacking exists in many other forms like cellular hacking, web app hacking, network hacking etc. and its not limited to this and can be extended to anything in this world. Just because of great attention given to black hat hackers from the social media, the whole hacking term is often mistaken for any security related cybercrime. This damages the reputation of all hackers, and is very bad and unfair. The other intention of this blog is to introduce people the true ethics of hackers, hopefully clearing the blame they are facing now and giving them the social status which they actually deserve.

Crackers!!! Malicious attacks on computer networks are officially known as cracking, these are another set of people who call themselves as hackers, but technically speaking they aren’t. These are people who break into computers and phreaking the phone system with minimal knowledge on the system or the application and loudly call themselves as hackers. But many journalists and writers have been fooled into using the word hacker to describe crackers.

Hackers solve problems in their own way, they solve problems in different way. Actually the way of thinking itself is different and they believe in freedom and live as they wish to. To be recognized as a hacker, you have  to set your own rules and attitude which suits your identity and to behave as though you have a great attitude and passion on yourself.

Hacktivist!!!! He is considered as an hacker who utilizes technology to announce a social, ideological, religious, or political message. In general, most hacktivism involves website defacement or denial-of-service attacks. In more extreme cases, hacktivism is used as tool for Cyber terrorism.

The people who actually build Web applications are not paying much attention to security. Stakeholders are looking for people who are creative and able to build interesting Web sites rather than secured websites. They rate security to No. 6 and creativeness to No. 1

Reasons for hacking are very different like,

  • Criminal intent: stealing credit card numbers, harming a competing company, extortion of money by threatening to hack again or reveal sensitive information found on the computer and other reasons.
  • Ideological reasons: Some hackers would attack sites that go against their worldview  anti-globalists hack sites of large corporations, some groups of Muslim hackers attack Israeli sites from time to time, and sites of racist organizations often come under attack.
  • Personal revenge: Some hackers would use their skills to harm people for real or perceived wrongs, to either ruin their computer or find personal information and make it public.
  • Some hackers simply attack in order to harm. They are angry at the world for something, and hacking is their way to perform vandalism.
  • Some hackers attack to check their skills at computer safety. Sometimes those attacks will cause no harm, and in some cases the hacker will inform the victims of failure in his defenses.

Well.. last but not least, Hacking is an art. It won’t happen overnight. Hacking is a game to prove how smart you are.  Start by learning a programming language. Depending on what you want to do (Web Hacking or System Hacking)