The experience starts

Moolya one of the craziest company which I have ever seen!!! Yes that’s true. Journey starts here, I came to know that Moolya is hiring fresh minds, I need to tell you about Moolya which u feel strange but that’s  true, I wanted to apply, but how will my resume be different, and I knew Moolya hires people who think differently and do things differently [THINK OUT OF THE BOX] and of course I’m one among them and I wanted to send my resume written by my own hands and not by typing and posting it to moolya. But I didn’t had enough time to do this, Now comes the question how to apply was one my question… started searching and exploring more about  Moolya then came the first thing, its blogs(1 year celebrations)..i was really impressed by them.. And comes the curious tester’s blog. I felt amazed reading them, finally i got the mail id of curioustester Miss Parimala Hariprasad, i sent mail briefing about me and mentioned that I’m seeking for an opportunity. I was eagerly waiting for the response and to my surprise I got a mail the next day morning i.e. 26th morning asking me to come for an interview the same day I was so happy that I got a interview call so soon but I was bit scared as I was not ready or prepared for interview. But with great positive energy, I said to myself “This is your chance utilize it, If not you can’t be Moolyavan”.

It was 11 am when I reached Moolya office for the interview. My first round of the interview was fantastic and I was surprised that I had enough knowledge/skill to impress or convince a Moolyavan(Vipin). Programming was my next round I was done with it and was waiting for the results of that round, in the mean time I heard people fighting and complaining like school kids 😀  One person goes on like “Pariiiii ask him to give back my note, It’s mine.”:P I was like,  WHAT THE HECK!!! These people are crazy they are having fun like kids, this was first instance which I observed a craziest side of a Moolyavan.

And finally results were out for the programming round, and I had cleared. Anjali (HR) called me inside for another round of interview. I was shocked as soon as I entered the cabin, 2 people ( Pradeep Soundararajan and Sunil Kumar ) welcomed me, I was like GOD “2 on 1” that’s ridiculous. But I also said myself “You know what you are and you have to prove it to these people” as I just settled they started with couple of standard interview questions and my past experience, skills, etc. They were really happy for my responses. Actually they were shocked for my responses and final verdict was out and I got the job. 🙂

There were couple of instances which made me feel wow about Moolya,

  • Employees had come to office in ¾ th pants.
  • Candidates appearing for the interview will be provided with a greeting card for spending their precious time.
  • Moolya treats every employee as a Co-Owner of the company.
  • The foosball table.
  • The party after work.

I joined Moolya on 29th Jan. I was so excited that I reached office by 8 AM and the office was not yet opened 😀  I roamed for a while and came back. And my first task was to assemble my system in my cubical, followed by a session on Software Testing by Master shifu Parimala. There’s company’s policy to take the newly joined employee for lunch and we had been out for lunch and the actual fun started by 4. Everyone was busy working on their projects and suddenly some people started telling Chocolate time and they gathered, I was shocked and was waiting for what it was. And I observed that I was in the middle of the gathering and I understood it was for an introduction and followed by RAGING:P yeah you heard it right everyone asked me to dance for a song. Worst thing is I don’t know to dance, in my life I never tried but somehow I managed to do 😀  and followed by other stuff on testing’s.

I just completed 1 month at Moolya, it is great time working in Moolya with a great pleasure of working differently in all the ways including this blog, I never imagined myself writing a blog and again it’s through Moolya’s inspiration. I’m really glad to work in Moolya for making me feel proud of myself.

It’s exactly one month I’m working here as a tester, 26th Feb a mail from Mozilla surprised me and made me go high. And guess what for the security bug I reported I got a bounty of $500 Dollars Yeah you heard it right, that’s true. A security bug in Mozilla which I reported made me enter “Mozilla Hall Of Fame” and a bug bounty which happened for the first time in my life. Again this credit goes to Moolya, my team and Ravi  who guided me in the right path.

Pari, special thanks to you, without you I wouldn’t have been here. All the credit goes to you. 🙂

Finally “I am here for a mission. And i want to fulfill it, with all the passion i carry and all the guidance i have. I wish a great journey awaits me with all the great people around me. For time being this is all what i want to share. Stay tuned to know more about my Software testing journey”.